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Criminal Defense
criminal defense

The Personal Injury Pros: Trusted Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, securing the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney should be your top priority. At The Personal Injury Pros, we emphasize the importance of early intervention, believing that the sooner we join your case, the better the chances of achieving a positive outcome. When confronted with criminal charges, it’s crucial to reach out to a criminal defense attorney you can trust, particularly if contacted by the police or already under arrest.

Why Choose The Personal Injury Pros?

Dedicated to Achieving the Best Results

The Personal Injury Pros’ criminal defense attorneys are committed to providing every individual with a strong defense. Our legal team invests significant time and resources to investigate thoroughly the details of the charges you’re facing. With years of experience vigorously defending clients, our legal professionals have earned a reputation as top defense lawyers.

Choosing The Personal Injury Pros means selecting a firm with:

  • Decades of experience in criminal defense
  • Deep community ties in the operating areas
  • Specialized knowledge and skill in criminal matters
  • Free consultations for potential clients
  • 24/7 availability.

Throughout your challenging legal journey, we stand by you, ensuring that the state adheres to legal boundaries when handling your case. Don’t let the state compromise your liberties without a fight—let The Personal Injury Pros take on the state, fighting to free you from looming charges and penalties. Call (702) 385-5969 for a free consultation with a trusted criminal defense lawyer.

Why Is Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Vital?

Immediate gathering of evidence is crucial for your case, as it may deteriorate or disappear over time. Waiting weeks or months before contacting an attorney can jeopardize your defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney also reminds you of your rights and works to protect them. Police have legal rules to follow, but they may attempt to extract admissions of guilt or self-incrimination. Our legal team serves as strong advocates to prevent errors that could aid the prosecution.
Beyond safeguarding your actions, having knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers enables you to oversee law enforcement conduct, identifying procedural errors or rights violations that can be used in your defense.
In summary, the longer criminal defense attorneys have to review your case, gather evidence, and collaborate with you, the greater the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Fighting to Minimize Collateral Consequences

Expungement or sealing records can help mitigate the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction. Personal Injury Pros focuses on protecting clients from adverse impacts on:


A criminal record can hinder job opportunities as employers conduct background checks. Personal Injury Pros may assist in record sealing to improve employment prospects.


Institutions of education conduct background checks on students and employees. Expunged or sealed records prevent negative consequences during school-initiated checks.

Professional License:

Certain professional licenses may be affected by a criminal record. Even with expungement or sealing, accessing licenses may prove challenging.

In addition to these areas, a criminal conviction can impact:

  • Firearms possession (felons cannot possess firearms)
  • Voting eligibility (felony conviction makes one ineligible to vote)
  • Housing opportunities (landlords run background checks).

While a criminal record may seem daunting, The Personal Injury Pros can guide you towards a better future. Contact The Personal Injury Pros for assistance in removing your past record and moving forward.

Trust a True Legal Professional

Attempting to defend oneself in court, even for intelligent individuals, is not recommended. The vast, complex, and constantly changing legal landscape increases the likelihood of mistakes that can be life-changing.
Frequently asked questions

Popular Client Questions

I was searched without consent. Is this legal?
It depends. If under arrest, the police have the right to perform a full search for contraband, weapons, and other items. If not under arrest and lacking probable cause, they can conduct a limited search with reasonable suspicion. The Personal Injury Pros scrutinizes search circumstances, challenging Fourth Amendment violations to exclude seized evidence.
How does the state classify crimes?
States categorize criminal actions into felonies, drug felonies, misdemeanors, drug misdemeanors, misdemeanor traffic offenses, petty offenses, drug petty offenses, unclassified offenses, and traffic infractions A, B, and unclassified. Felonies have six classes, with an additional category for unclassified felonies, and drug felonies have four classes.
Can I get a charge expunged?
Yes, under specific circumstances, individuals with prior criminal records may seek expungement. Record sealing is also available, with more defendants qualifying for sealing than expungement. Expungement is limited to juvenile records, underage drinking and driving, and criminal arrests based on mistaken identity. Sealing maintains a criminal record but restricts public access for certain crimes.
How does a statute of limitations work with crimes?
statute of limitations is the timeframe within which legal action must be taken. In criminal cases, the state has a specific window to charge someone with a crime, and once charges are filed, the statute of limitations stops running.
How much does a criminal defense attorney charge?
Cost varies based on the charge and case complexity. Complex cases requiring more legal skill generally cost more. Serious crimes and punishments also impact attorney fees. Contact The Personal Injury Pros at (702) 385-5969 for answers and a free case review.

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